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I started designing as a little kid, I was really impressed by the Dragon Ball series. I drew a lot back then so I decided to go to a design oriented school. I won some national competitions too. Eversince I'm 21 years old I can focus on my passion more than ever.

I learned how to make frontend codes in a very short period of time, but I put a lot of emphasis on self-improvement when it comes to anything in life so it's only natural I would like to become better at everything I do day by day.

Graphic works
Frontend development
Backend development

Creative Design

I'll try my best to give you the work you wanted.


I had many partners and none of them ever had any dissapointments.


I provide support for every work, mostly for coding works.

My Portfolio

You can find some of the designs of mine below. What is also great about ordering websites from me is that every design is unique you purchase. I will not resell anything I've already sold so you definitely won't find these designs anywhere else.



Made for my friend, coded in bootstrap.

Full VIew


Full VIew


I tried to make it kinda similar to KingSora's Zentoria, but in my style.

Full VIew

Diamonds of Ice

I'm very proud of it, I tried to make it simple and stylish in the same time.

Full VIew


This one was one of my hardest ones, since it was my first design with this kind of style.

Full VIew


This was the first website with my CMS's beta version.

Full VIew

Shirana Online

Special fact about this site, that most of the elements are hand-drawn.

Full VIew


This is one of my first designs in this scene.

Full VIew

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My Services


I'm currently working on a Laravel project for Metin2, I can't provide the previous OOP cms anymore. It'll have a built-in itemshop with the same design as the Webzen one.

Frontend service

I'll convert your PSD to a working HTML/JS/CSS site!

PHP coding

If you want a new function in your website or in my CMS, hire me.

Various projects

I can make interfaces, banners, logos, anything you want.


I got a lot of ideas and creativity to make your request complete.

You can add me in Skype if you have any requests.

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